Lancome Genifique Review

Lancome Genifique Review

After a bit of a slow start, Lancome Genifique reviews have finally started to come in. Consumers, both those skilled in evaluating beauty products and just average shoppers, have evaluated Lancome Genifique on several different aspects, and the general sentiment has been clear. Lancome Genifique reviews have largely reflected disappointment, lack of results, and explanations as to where the product falls short.

What is Lancome Genifique?

Lancome Genifique is a skin care product aimed at the crowded anti-aging skin care market. The well-known and regarded Lancome name lends high expectations to Lancome Genifique, which claims to recondition to skin and activate “youth proteins,” for a younger, smoother, more supple look to the skin of the face. At $78 per ounce, the product does not come cheaply, and Lancome Genifique reviews have not hesitated to mention this fact in their overall evaluation of the product.

Lancome Genifique Ingredients

Lancome Genifique reviews seem to be continually focusing on the ingredients that make up Lancome Genifique, and for good reason. When it comes to anti-aging skin care, there are certain ingredients that one should expect to see. As Lancome Genifique reviews point out, these ingredients do not included Bio-Lysat, Hepes and Phystosphingosine-SLC, all of which make up the active ingredient list in Lancome Genifique.

Lancome Genifique reviews are quick to point out that Bio-Lysat, often found in probiotic products, has never been shown to have an effect on the condition of the skin, while Phystosphingosine-SLC is only effective at all above certain concentrations. Lancome Genifique does not list the concentration of Phystosphingosine-SLC included. While these ingredients may have some initial, mild effects on skin that has previously not been exposed to any kind of quality anti-aging skin care products, these ingredients will not produce long term, lasting or satisfactory results in terms of skin’s condition or youthful appearance.

Lancome Genifique Initial Reviews

Lancome Genifique reviews have been slow to appear for several reasons. Those who make a living through reviewing beauty products and anti-aging skin care treatments knew immediately upon glancing over the list of ingredients in Lancome Genifique that a purchase would likely not be worth it. Other shoppers waited to hear reviews to justify the hefty price tag. It took some time before those willing to take the risk began to make their experiences known, but the results have been clear – Lancome Genifique reviews have been almost exclusively negative or disappointed.

Does Lancome Genifique Work?

Lancome Genifique reviews can answer that question easily – the answer is no, Lancome Genifique does not work. At least, it does not work in any significant or lasting way. Lancome Genifique reviews indicate clear disappointment in the results, and it all comes down to the list of ingredients. When shopping for an anti-aging skin care product, one cannot be swayed by buss terms like “gene activity” and “youth proteins.” Research and practice have clearly indicated that ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Argireline and others are necessary for powerful and effective results from an anti-aging skin care product. As Lancome Genifique reviews show, the product contains none of these proven ingredients, so can offer none of the impressive results that go along with