How to Choose a Lipstick Color

How to Choose a Lipstick Color

Choosing the right lipstick color is important to getting your look just right. Lipstick that’s too dark can look overdone. Lipstick that’s not dark enough can make your lips disappear or give you a pale, unhealthy look. Knowing what the various types of lipsticks can do to enhance the color and even the shape of your mouth can also be a big help when you’re trying to decide what lipsticks to buy and which are the best lipsticks for you.

Types of lipstick

Different types of lipsticks can give you a different look. Traditional matte lipsticks give a solid color, while lip glosses provide very little color but add a bright shine. Plumping lipstick promises to make your lips look fuller. Some plumping lipstick attracts moisture to the lips, hydrating the tissue to create a fuller look. Others promise to increase collagen production or add fat cells to the lips.

Reviews indicate that results vary, so try some different brands to find what works best for you. Semi-gloss lipsticks offer color and shine together. The color isn’t as intense as with a matte lipstick, but the gloss adds depth and highlights, and the shine adds a sexy sheen.

Semi-gloss lipstick often contains moisturizers, as well, to help keep your lips soft and kissable. Long lasting lipstick is formulated not to wear off. Long lasting lipstick is often waterproof, and some are specially formulated to not rub off on your clothes or on someone else. These “kissable” lipsticks are usually a matte finish. Be sure to pick one with an added moisturizer, as long lasting lipstick can sometimes be drying.

How to choose a lipstick color

When picking a lipstick color, it’s important to find a shade that complements your skin tones. Be sure to consider the undertones of the lipstick color in addition to the main color. For example, a red lipstick can have purple, blue, and even green undertones that might emphasize shades in your basic skin tone that would prove unflattering. Deep, rich colors work well with darker skin tones. With lighter skin, look for pink or orange undertones to complement your natural complexion. If your skin has an olive cast, avoid green undertones and look for reds with a brown or raisin shade. Lighter shades are more appropriate for daytime, while darker tones are great for nighttime and special occasions. Experimenting is the best way to find just that perfect color. Try your colors in natural light for a better idea of what they’ll look like. You can even mix colors for an added touch of individuality.

Lipstick vs. Lip stain

One of the biggest new beauty trends, lip stain provides very long-lasting color by providing a semi-permanent dye to the lips. It can be applied with a regular lip brush. Practice makes perfect with lip stain–if you accidentally apply it where you don’t want it, it can be difficult to remove. Many women like the long-lasting, smudge-proof qualities of lip stain over long lasting lipstick. Because it stains the lips rather than sitting on the surface, it can be less drying. For a rich, very long lasting color, give lip stain a try.

Best lipsticks

The best lipsticks provide beautiful, long lasting color and shine while nourishing your lips with moisturizers and other ingredients such as vitamins. Look for lipsticks with all natural ingredients and no petroleum-based products. The best lipsticks with added sunscreen can also be an excellent addition to your make up regimen. Above all, experiment and have fun, and find the best, most flattering look for you.