Make Up Brushes

All About Make Up Brushes

Many people don’t use make up brushes these days, opting instead to apply makeup with their fingers. But make up brushes allow you much more control over your make up application. Professional makeup artists always use brushes both for the additional precision and control and because the end result looks more natural.

Types of Make Up Brushes

There are as many different types of makeup brushes as there are types of makeup. The basic types of makeup brushes include:

Foundation brush: A foundation brush applies foundation much more evenly than using your fingers or a sponge.

Concealer brush: Allows you to be sure the concealer is concentrated exactly where you want it.

Blush brush: For applying blush, this brush helps give you a glowing, carefully blended look.

Powder brush: The most commonly used brush, for applying powder over your make up, eliminating shine.

Eye shadow brushes: These come in several sizes, to offer exact contouring for the different areas of the eyelid.

Lip brush: Applying your lipstick with a brush helps it last longer, as well as providing more accurate coverage. For the best quality, most flattering make up application, make up brushes are a must-have.

Benefits of Using a Makeup Brush

Using a makeup brush gives you a clean, natural look by more gently blending colors into each other and providing a more even coverage. Make up brushes leave your skin with an even tone and a clear, healthy look. Brushes are also gentler on the skin than rubbing make up on with fingers or a sponge.

How to Clean Make Up Brushes

It’s important to know how to clean make up brushes, as they can collect bacteria and dirt. Cleaning your make up brushes regularly helps keep your skin clean and healthy. Make up brushes are fairly easy to clean. Use warm water to rinse make up and other lingering particles from the brush. A bit of antibacterial soap or shampoo can be lathered through the bristles, as well. Then rinse in warm water until the water runs clear and no more make up powder is left in the brush. To dry your freshly-cleaned brushes, lay them on the counter with the bristles off the edge to air dry to help preserve the bristles.

Best Make Up Brushes

There are many extremely high quality make up brushes available. Professional make up brushes can be quite expensive, but with careful shopping, you can find a good assortment of brushes to fit your budget. Many makeup artists swear by natural brushes, with bristles made from animal fur.

Powder brushes from badger hair and smaller brushes made from sable are all highly rated by professionals. Synthetic fibers can also be very effective, though, and are generally less expensive.

The best way to find the best make up brushes for you is to shop around and experiment. Try individual brushes, or purchase a combination pack and try out all the different sizes. When you find the best make up brushes for your beauty routine, take a look a higher quality, professional brushes for long-term use. You’ll be pleased with the more even, refined look.