Mineral Make Up

Mineral Make Up: What’s the Big Deal?

One of the most popular current make up trends is mineral make up. Originally formulated for extremely sensitive skin, mineral make up offers complete, natural-looking coverage without heavy creams or talc to irritate the skin. Those who love mineral make up say it creates a glow unmatched by traditional cosmetics, and that the look and feel of the skin is instantly improved.

What is Mineral Make Up

Made up completely of finely ground, natural minerals, mineral make up is completely free of any artificial colors, fragrances or preservatives. Ingredients like zinc, iron oxide, ultramarine, mica, and titanium dioxide are used to produce a variety of products in various colors. These products are offered in powder form, and applied with a brush. Mineral make up is available in a variety of colors and shades to enhance your natural skin tones. These vary from neutral, natural skin tones to bolder colors with sheen and even a visible sparkle. Whatever your desired look, you can find mineral make up to help you achieve it.

Health Benefits of Mineral Make Up

Because it has no artificial ingredients, mineral make up is very safe for sensitive skin. Many doctors recommend it for rosacea-affected skin, skin made sensitive by laser treatments, and for people who are highly allergic to other forms of make up. The soothing qualities of titanium dioxide and zinc oxides can even help reduce irritation associated with rosacea, acne and other skin conditions. These elements also offer natural sunscreen, with some mineral make up clocking in at an impressive 15 SPF to protect your skin from sun damage.

How Mineral Make Up Compares

Unlike traditional make up, mineral make up won’t clog the pores. Mineral make up also provides a smoother, more natural, long-lasting coverage. Because of its unique composition, mineral make up can act as a sunscreen, base, powder and concealer all in one. Some mineral make up is slightly more expensive than traditional make up, but overall the prices are similar to a high-end foundation, with mineral make up providing more for your money. Mineral make up also works with all skin types, from dry to oily. Using mineral make up can give you rich, vibrant skin with glowing, natural color that lasts all day.

Best Mineral Make Up

The best mineral make up is made from extremely high quality, cosmetic grade minerals ground to a fine powder. Some mineral make up is ground so fine that the individual particles are referred to as nano particles. Many experts feel that these particles aren’t as beneficial for the skin than more traditional mineral make up, since they’re so small that they could have detrimental effects.

The best mineral make up is also free of any artificial ingredients. Some make ups claim to be pure mineral make up, but include artificial fillers, colors or fragrances. When you’re looking for the best mineral make up, be sure to check the ingredients.

When you use mineral make up, you can invigorate your appearance and contribute to the health of your skin. With the purest, highest quality ingredients and carefully formulated, natural colors, mineral make up can give you nurturing skin care as well as a look like no other.