Removing Dark Circles Under Eye

Removing Dark Circles Under Eye

Dark circles under the eyes can be a major cause for self-consciousness. They make you look older and more worn out than you really are, and their stubborn presence can make you despair of ever getting rid of them. Too many aging factors already make us show our age–we really don’t need dark circles under our eyes, as well.

Why Dark Circles Appear

Dark circles are often attributed to working too hard, or partying too much, or not sleeping enough. In truth, none of these factors actually contribute to dark circles.

Dark circles under the eyes are actually very similar to bruises. The tiny, extremely delicate capillaries under the eyes can easily break and leak tiny amounts of blood. As the body reabsorbs the blood, it creates the dark, purplish color associated with bruising. Because the skin under your eyes is so thin, this color shows through more prominently than it would anywhere else, making this discoloration more prominent.

Removing Dark Circles Naturally

Because dark circles have always been such a concern, natural remedies have long been used to help reduce their appearance. One natural remedy involves a mix of grated potato, sea salt and yogurt applied to the dark circles. An enzyme in potatoes is reported to help reduce the appearance of dark circles. Others swear by use of a tea bag compress under the eyes. Still others recommend almond oil, crushed almonds, or cucumber.

Dark Circle Creams

If you’re particularly concerned about dark circles under your eyes, you might want to try a dark circle cream. There are several creams available on the market, though some work much better than others. If you’re shopping for a dark circle cream, look for natural ingredients that nourish the delicate under eye skin, and that can help not only reduce existing dark circles, but prevent them from forming in the future.

Best Products for Dark Circles Under Eyes

Among the best products for dark circles under the eyes is Revitalume, a highly effective dark circle cream. Revitalume’s state-of-the-art ingredients accelerates the process by which the body reabsorbs the “bruising” that causes dark circles. It also uses natural remedies like green tea extract and cucumber extract to help reduce puffiness, and shea butter to provide gentle moisturizing to the fragile tissue under the eyes. Other antioxidants like Vitamins A, C and E provide even more protection from environmental damage.

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