Natural Beauty Products

Natural Beauty Products

Though many of us prefer natural beauty products to the chemical-laden, harsher alternatives, too often the price proves a stumbling block. Fortunately, more and more companies are producing organic and natural beauty products as the demand increases, which has brought the prices down. Unfortunately, some of these companies use the term “natural” loosely, so it’s important to check the ingredients on any natural beauty products to be sure you’re really getting what’s advertised.

Natural vs. Organic Beauty Products

When you’re reading labels, it’s important to know the difference between organic and natural beauty products. Organic ingredients are produced under specific conditions which are regulated by the USDA. A product cannot use the organic label unless all its ingredients meet these criteria.

“Natural,” on the other hand, isn’t a regulated term. Too often, manufacturers of beauty products will call their products “natural” just to cash in on the growing trends toward organic products and fewer synthetic ingredients. Even chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate, a harsh surfactant commonly used in shampoos, is often labeled “natural” and “derived from coconut.”

A little education can go a long way in making sure your natural beauty products are truly natural, so read the ingredients lists and do some research before purchasing.

Synthetic Ingredients in Beauty Products

Not all synthetic ingredients in beauty products are bad. Many, however, can be harsh and drying to the skin, and some even appear to have carcinogenic properties.

Some ingredients to avoid include any petroleum based products, as well as synthetic colors and fragrances. Petroleum based products can clog the pores, and are believed to be carcinogenic. Synthetic colors and fragrances can cause allergic reactions and irritate the skin. Look for natural beauty products with organic moisturizers like shea butter, and either no fragrances or naturally derived colors or fragrances.

Safety of Beauty Products

The safety of beauty products, including natural beauty products, is determined by the FDA and other government institutions. Companies who manufacture beauty products must adhere to these guidelines before they’re allowed to sell their products.

Still, some questions remain about certain ingredients. Petrolatum and sodium lauryl sulfate, as well as propylene glycol, aluminum, and several other ingredients, are among the ingredients that may have detrimental side effects. Most natural beauty products avoid using these ingredients.

How Natural Beauty Products Compare

Natural beauty products are just as effective as more traditional formulas–often even more so. The ingredients in natural beauty products help keep your skin healthy and young-looking, and add shine and body to your hair. With the added benefit of natural and organic ingredients, natural beauty products are often a step above their traditional competitors.